City of Ljubljana

Visit the Ljubljana castle

sl.14 Ljubljanski dvorac-min

The magnificent Ljubljana castle is located near the city, and you can reach it by foot from the center or by tram. From the castle there is an enchanting view of the city and its surroundings. Here you can go on a group tour, and the tour is called “Weather Machine”, and leads the visitors through the six most important periods in the past of Ljubljana. It always attracts fans of history. There is a cafe and a restaurant in the courtyard. This is a place that you simply need to see in Ljubljana.


sl.15 Tromostovje-min

Those who visited Ljubljana are probably the first association in this city to have a multitude of bridges in it. For those who do not know, one of these bridges is divided into three bridges and is called the Three Bridges. Despite the fact that there are so many bridges in Ljubljana, each of them has a story. According to the legend, bakers who cheated their customers in terms of quality of bread were thrown into ice Ljubljanica, and the people gathered to see this. The three-room was designed by Jože Plečnik. If you like, go to an organized tour with a guide to get to know this city well – of course, before wearing durable and comfortable shoes, you need to go a lot.

Park Tivoli

sl.16 Park Tivoli-min

The largest park in Ljubljana is located in the center. It has tennis courts, a mini-golf course, fountains, fishponds and several playgrounds. Jakopič’s promenade is in the middle of the park, where exhibitions of photographs are held throughout the year. If you wish, take your blanket and food and enjoy a nice picnic. This is the place that is located in the center and almost everyone who comes to Ljubljana will visit it although it is not a major tourist attraction.

Open kitchen

sl.17 Otvorena kuhinja-min

From early spring to late autumn, every Friday in the city is open kitchen. It is a kind of market place where the best dishes from Slovenia are sold, but also specialties from other countries, and the best wineries and breweries here sell their products. The market is very popular among Slovenians themselves, and it is a great place to visit especially if you want to eat well and get to know local culture and new people.


sl.18 Križanke-min

There are rare concerts with such history as Križanke. The most famous place for concerts in Ljubljana was once a monastery, until the half of the twentieth century. Then the authorities engaged Jožef Plečnik, the most famous Slovenian architect of all time, to rearrange the monastery into a place for cultural gatherings. Since then, many well-known musicians and theater troupes have been in Križanke. The second Godba is a famous music festival that has been held here for more than thirty years and attracts musicians from all over the world to this part of Europe.

Go to jail

sl.19 Idite u zatvor-min

Yes, you have heard well: in Ljubljana there is an old military prison, whose walls are now covered with artwork, and the bars are still standing. In Celica, political and military prisoners used to live. However, this building is today bright, modernly decorated and represents one of the sights in Ljubljana. Part is redecorated for a hostel (and, of course, you can stay there), and there is also a popular cafe, where there are often live music, and an art gallery, where the works of local artists of all ages and directions are exhibited. If you feel you should visit this place you can choose and in which “cell” you will sleep. Since there are different artworks in each room, each room is special. Here people come of all cultures, religions, sexual and political commitments – just book your room on time.

Pop Culture – Metelkova City

sl.20 Metelkova mesto

Located in the old military barracks, Metelkova City is popular among young people and those who feel young. Throughout the year, a number of cultural events are held in this cultural center, and it is best here that this city never sleeps. In Metelkova Mesta there are art galleries, cafes, art studios, offices of cultural organizations, concert venues and a youth hostel. In addition to individual events, an International Festival of Contemporary Art – City of Women is held every year.

Prešeren Square

sl.21 Prešerenov trg-min

In the old castle there is Prešeren Square, the central square in Ljubljana. The square is surrounded by magnificent buildings (like the Franciscan church) and this is the main square in Ljubljana where people often find themselves and where various carnivals, concerts and festivals are held. On the east side of the square there is the bronze statue of the poet France Prešeren, after which the square was named.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas

sl.22 Katedrala svetog Nikole-min

This magnificent Baroque cathedral has two large towers and a green dome, and is built in honor of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of fishermen and seafarers. It was built in the beginning of the 18th century, and it was renovated and carved bronze doors were added to it in honor of the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1996. Another one of the sights in the city that must be visited by tourists who make a trip to Ljubljana.