TOP islands in Croatia


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The island of Korcula, or Black Korcula, as originally called the first settlers because of its very dense forests, is known as the birthplace of the world famous traveler – Marco Polo. This is a place that is hidden by a large number of legends, stories and monuments that you will not encounter elsewhere. If you are visiting this place, you will be delighted by the graceful work of stone masters who have united the unique architectural shapes, perfect for this locality. Korcula is the island of sea, sun, stone and wine. Its population is predominantly engaged in wine-growing, so today you can enjoy the best drinks in our environment. Every place on this island, such as Korcula, Vela Luka, Žrnovo or Pupnat, has its own story, legend and unique charm that has attracted tourists for a long time. The specific position of the island with lots of sun and sea, rich tradition and cultural heritage favored tourist development. Numerous quaint coves, warm sea and sun, healthy Mediterranean cuisine, and host hospitality have made Korcula a tourist destination of interest.


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This is the largest island in Dalmatia, one of the largest in the Adriatic Sea, with a location between Split and Hvar. In the world, Brac has become famous for the white Brac stone, which is usually used for making some of the most famous buildings in the world, such as the House of Belly, the Vienna Parliament and the Rajhsteen in Berlin. Even the ancient Romans knew its quality and used it for the construction of entire cities, amphitheaters, palaces and graves throughout Dalmatia. During the past few months, this magnificent island has a very interesting and rich touristic offer, as far as activities and accommodation choices are concerned. On this island there are so many varieties that it is simply impossible for you to find something that suits you. Pucisca and Supetar are the largest places on Brac. The main products are olive oil, wine and fruit. One of the most famous beaches on the Adriatic, the Zlatni Rat beach near Bola, is located just in Brač. On the island of Brac you will find everything you need and enjoy unforgettable holidays and unspoiled nature. Rich history and heritage, unique gastronomy, beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, high quality accommodation and the kindness of the local population – guarantee you a vacation you will not forget.


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Hvar is one of the sunniest islands on the whole Mediterranean, and has become the favorite destination for many tourists over the past several years. With a location in central Dalmatia, between Brač and Korčula, the island of Hvar is spreading around the scent of lavender, which is traditionally grown there, combined with the fragrance and blue of the Adriatic Sea. Overlooking the sun, the island of Hvar can be called a paradise site throughout the year. Hvar Town itself contains many historical monuments of architecture and art, which are undeniable witnesses of the rich artistic tendencies and traditions of this island. As an island of sun and sparkling, scented lavender and palm trees, pine trees, wine and rosemary, Hvar is a destination that can offer many things. There is one of the oldest theater in Europe, the Franciscan monastery and many other sights. According to the tourists who once visited this place and have always come back there, Hvar has a fantastic nightlife during the flight, one of the best in the Adriatic. Whips last for almost a whole night, and guests can visit countless cultural events. Classical music lovers can attend many musical nights at the Franciscan Monastery or Illyrian nights in the Cathedral.


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Nature lovers and history, those who love past time, mysterious stories and legends, lovers of crystal clear sea and diving, untouched nature and top cuisine, must definitely visit Mljet. This is the destination where the landscapes are mentioned in the Odyssey stories, and therefore the island is known as the Odyssey. The hero of this famous Homer story, after the shipwreck, drifted to the cave, where it was captured by nymph Kalipso, and this cave is now called the Odyssey cave. This island is the largest in the Dubrovnik archipelago, and is also known as the most humidest island of the Adriatic. Here one can see a unique natural phenomenon: in the middle of the island there are two connected lakes with sea water, where in the middle of the greater is the island with the old Benedictine Monastery of Saint Mary, which is otherwise the most significant lame monument. In Mljet, you will also enjoy the scents and tastes of local cuisine: plenty of fish, crustaceans and shellfish, as well as typical specialties such as octopus dried on the smoke. In the end, excellent boat connections with Dubrovnik and Korcula are just an additional reason for coming to Mljet.


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This phenomenal island is probably the cleanest part of the Adriatic, as the farthest island from the mainland. Visas attractions are mostly natural, such as crystal clear and unpolluted sea, land and air. On the south side of the island there are beautiful and very interesting caves and beaches, which are created by the action of the sea waves. Considering the distance from the land, a greater number of people decide for Vis in search of peace and quiet, isolation and noble natural beauty. Vis is the perfect destination for those in love, who want to enjoy the fun of flying. During the flight, this island gets new life, organizing music evenings, interesting Pecaro Festivals and numerous other events. In addition, if you visit Vis, you will also find a rich local gastronomy, as well as phenomenal wine. Here is also the famous brandy of Lozovača, which is a drink in the form of leka and as an additive it has aromatic plants. The most famous specialty of Visa is a pie made from a test with salty roaches and tomato. After these pies you can sweeten with cakes made from simple sugar and sugar. Vis offers unique long culinary experiences with multiple sequences, made exclusively of local ingredients. If you visit Vis, you can explore the beautiful landscapes of this island, learn new things about individual species and get acquainted with the everyday life of the mexican.