City of Zagreb, what to see ?

St. Mark’s Church

sl.1 Crkva Svetog Marka-min

The most famous attraction in this part of the city. It is easily recognizable by the vivid roof on which are found the coats of Croatia, Slavonia, Dalmatia and the city of Zagreb. It is one of the oldest architectural monuments of the city of Zagreb and is also the oldest parish church in the town because it dates back to the 13th century. There are magnificent Gothic passages and a multitude of statues of twelve apostles, Jesus, Mary’s Device, and Saint Mark’s. The interior of the church is decorated with numerous statues and frescoes. This is an indispensable place when it comes to the sights of Zagreb and is one of the symbols of the city.

Banski dvori

sl.2 Banski dvori-min

The courtyards are the building of the Parliament, where the headquarters of the Government of the Republic of Croatia is located. They are located in the immediate vicinity of St. Mark’s Church and are listed in the list of culturally protected goods. An interesting fact about this 19th-century building is that Josip Jelačić lived and died there. Another very interesting building. In the former monastery of St. Clare, the Museum of the City of Zagreb, one of the richest museums in Croatia, is now located. The architecture of this part of the city is looked at with enthusiasm.

Stone door

sl.3 Kamenita vrata-min

The only one of them was preserved, as many as they were in the fortress that served for Gradec defense. The chapel is inside the door and there is a very important picture of the Virgin with the child. The picture follows the mystification of the fire in which she was undamaged. When you go through the door, you feel the sense of peace and serenity and you seem to be in a magical place. The walls around the altar are covered with greetings from the painters who often come to this place to lighten their booths and pout.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

sl.4 Katedrala Uznesenja Blažene Djevice Marije-min

It is famous as the Zagreb cathedral. It features two beautifully decorated bell-tower. Several times it has been renovated and reconstructed, which has changed its original appearance. It is about imposing and very high construction.


sl.5 Kaptol-min

A historic settlement around the Zagreb cathedral, which is also the center of church institutes. Walk through the rocky streets and down the beautiful Baroque buildings. A true paradise for lovers of architecture and interesting buildings. There is also a Franciscan monastery with the church and the baroque church of St. John the Baptist.

Tower Lotrščak

sl.6 Kula Lotrščak-min

Another defensive facility that springs from the 13th. Do not skip because it provides a phenomenal view of the city. You can climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the enchanting view of Zagreb and its surroundings. The prices you visit to the lookout are about 3 euros, and the photos you can make from here are great. Immediately below the tower there is a lift. You can go down with it, it’s cheap but do not expect a special experience.

Jesuit Square and Fountain “Pond”

sl.7 Jezuitski trg i fontana “Ribnjak”-min

The story behind this fountain is interesting and tells about the connections between two cities: Belgrade and Zagreb. That’s why this place is especially interesting for tourists from Serbia. Namely, the fountain is part of the Serbian deceased Roksandic. Delo was ready for the Balkan exhibition in London. At the end of the exhibition she found that the sculpture had ended at the bottom of the sea, along with the boat she was switched to. Roksandic has decided to make another identical. Since the vest was inaccurate, two identical sculptures were found in the same place. One was bought by the city of Belgrade and it was placed on Košutnjak, while the other was redeemed by Zagreb and located in the Jesuit Square.

Dolac Market

sl.8 Tržnica Dolac-min

It is located between Kaptol and the Upper Town and is the largest open-air market. Drivers are ideal for getting to know the culture and lifestyle of people who are your hosts. They buy, talk, and behave naturally.

Ban Jelacic Square

sl.9 Trg Bana Jelačića-min

sl.9.1 Trg Bana Jelačića-min

The Plain and the Lower Town already begin here. This is also the strict center of Zagreb that characterizes the monument of Ban Jelacic on the horse. Interestingly, every big city has a “Horse”. Specifically, there are monuments in the center where the horse is disadvantaged in relation to the historical personality that is on it and is called the square.

Here is the biggest crowd and crowd of tourists, but also the local population. Most often this is the starting point for getting to know the city and the orientation for tourists.

Close to the square there is the most popular “Vincek” tavern, famous for the best ice cream in Croatia.

Flower Square

sl.10 Cvjetni trg-min

Petra Preradovića Square, the Zagrebers call it the Flower Square due to the beautiful kiosk with colorful flowers. Here the bars are lower one by one. You will not miss if you are looking for home-made coffee in one of them.